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BPP: 6500# Cheater Street
Truck and Chassis
1. OEM 1 ton or less chassis required. Must have complete factory frame to rear bed mount. No tube frames allowed. Must have working wheel brakes.
2. Solid rear suspension allowed, but not required.
3. Frame bracing, trussing and traction bars permitted.
4.Maximum weight of 6500 pounds. Hanging weight is allowed. Must not exceed
195" from the centerline of the rear axle.
5. Fuel tank may be mounted in the bed or on the weight bar.
6. Must have complete factory bed floor and inner bed structure. Tailgate not
7. Must have complete factory sheet metal, dash, and windows. Fib
hoods are permitted. No fiberglass beds, front clips, or doors.

1. Reese style hitches or T bars are acceptable. Drawbar pivot point to be no
higher than 3” on top of frame rail. Pivot point to be no farther forward than center
line of rear axle.  3
 3/4" x 3 3/4" required in drawbar plate. Draw bar plate must
be at least 1” thick. No twist or straight clevises. Hitch must be stationary in all
directions with no up and down or side to side movement. Bolts for hitch pivot
must be a minimum of ¾” diameter. If using a Reese style slide in draw bar, the
cross pin holding the draw bar in must be a minimum of ¾” diame
2. Hook point to be no less than 42" from centerline of the rear axle. 24" hitch

1. 1 ton or less driveline required.
2. Cut 3rd gear also referred to trick 3rd gears are allowed. Aftermarket transfer
cases allowed. No drop boxes or reversers.
3. Must have SFI approved bellhousing and flywheel. Automatic trucks must
have an SFI approved flex plate and transmission blanket, or SFI approved
aftermarket transmission case.
4. 33" DOT approved tires max. No cutting, grinding, siping, or alterations. No
dual tires.
5. Must have U joint shields covering all U joints. The only exception to this would
be the front driveshaft on transfer case output yoke if it shielded by the cross
member. Shields must be 6" long, 1/4" thick if made of steel, 3/8" thick if made of
aluminum. Rear drive shaft must have a minimum of 2 center rings at least 1”
wide between u joint shield to keep driveshaft from hitting the ground in the event
of failure. Center rings must have a minimum of 2 flat straps/flat bar stock
running from front u joint shield to rear u joint shield to fasten center ring
s to.
Rings and flat strap may be welded or bolted together.

Engine, Ignition, and Fuel
1. 514 cubic inch limit will be enforced.
2. Conventional cast iron heads and blocks only. Cast intake manifolds only. No
cutting the intake manifold in half for porting and welding or bolting back together.
No changing of the plenum or adding height to the plenum is permitted. No sheet
metal or tunnel rams. A tunnel ram is defined as any intake manifold with a top of
plenum to china rail with a height exceeding 8.5"
3. Rear of engine block may be no farther forward than 14” from the center of
front axle.
4. Single 4 barrell carb with ventruis only. Venuris have a max bore size of
2.250". This will be checked with a 2.255" plug. No fuel injection unless factory
equipped for your year of truck, and must be OEM. This includes using the
factory intake manifold, throttle body, fuel rails, and factory style MAF sensor. No
aftermarket fuel injection permitted.
5. Carbs must have 2 drilled carb studs (1/16” hole). Carbs will be checked and
sealed when engine is pumped and sealed.
6. Racing gas only. No alcohol or nitromethane. No pressurized fuels.
7. No forced inductions. This means no turbo's, superchargers, blowers, Nitrous
Oxide, or methanol/water injection.

8. No dry sumps or external oil pumps.
9. Fenderwell headers permitted. Mufflers NOT required but are permitted.

1. Must have a working electronic kill switch.
2. Must have working back up or neutral light. Must also have a working light
mounted above the hitch.
3. Must have fire extinguisher mounted in cab of truck.
4. Helmet and fire jacket recommended.
5. No dirt slingers

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