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BPP: 6500# Pro Gas

1 . 1 ton pick up truck chassis or less. Must retain full OEM frame rails front to rear. No tube chassis back
halves or tube chassis front halves. Subframes allowed, though factory rails must be the basis of the
foundation upon which everything is built upon. Absolutely no building a tube chassis and welding
factory frame rails to it for looks.
2. Solid suspension allowed.
3. Rear of engine block must be a minimum of 15” from centerline of front axle.
3. No ballast can be any farther forward than 195” from the center of the rear axle.
4. Hitch, hook point is a minimum of 36” from center of rear axle to hooking point. 24” hitch height.
Hook plate must have a 3” wide by 3 ¾” long hole at the minimum. Hook p
late must not bind with the
hook in anyway. Absolutely no part of hitch can be any farther forward than the center if the rear axle.
Must be stationary in all directions when hooked to the chain. Any discretions will be solved by picking

the rear of the truck up to check for movement.

1. Open Driveline allowed. This includes big front and rear axles, drop boxes and direct
drive/reverser combinations.
2. Tires are limited to 4 total with a maximum 36” tall DOT sidewall stamped tire. No metric
conversion rule applies. No tire width limit.
3. SFI approved Blow proof bellhousings absolutely mandatory.
4. U joint shields mandatory at all joints. Minimum of 6” long and centered over the yokes. If
aluminum, must be at last 3/8” thick. Steel must be ¼” thick at minimum.
5. If running direct drive style couplers similar to an SCS setup you must run the SCS type of tunnel.
1. Must retain factory pick up truck appearance of a one ton or less truck. Truck must retain steel
cab shell, floorboards and doors. Must retain factory firewall or replace with the following
options at the minimum 3/16 aluminum, .060 steel, ¼ lexan.
2. Must retain OEM front and rear glass. Side windows can be lexan or non existent.
3. Fiberglass bedsides and hoods allowed.

4. Bed floor may be removed and covered with tonneau cover.
5. Tilt front ends, beds and bodies ok.

1. 632 cubic inch limit will be enforced.
2. Cas iron blocks only, no aluminum blocks.
3. No 5.0 bore space engines.
4. Limited to 1 single Dominator style carb. No electronic or mechanical fuel injection.
5. Cylinder head design is open, though limited to a cast style head. Aluminum or cast iron. No
billet heads of billet insert type heads allowed.

6. Fabricated intake manifolds are allowed.
7. Naturally aspirated only. No Blowers, supercha
rgers, nitrous or anything of the like.
8. Fuel is limited to race gas only. No Diesel blends, no alcohol, methanol or nitromethane.
9. Dry sumps and external oiling systems allowed.

1. Minimum 2.5# fire extinguisher on board and within drivers reach.
2. Helmet and fire jacket recommended.
3. Working Kill switch required
4. Must have working neutral or reverse light.
5. No dirt slingers allowed.

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