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Stock Turbo Diesel Trucks


Intent of the class:

This is an entry level class designed for new comers to the sport with daily driven trucks and trucks with minimal modification. All tech officials decisions will be final.



  1. Truck must be street legal and retain all OEM sheet metal, firewalls, floorboards etc. Commercially built flatbeds are ok.

  2. All factory head and taillights must remain in place and function

  3. Must be licensed and insured

  4. Rear bumper or commercially built roll pan required. No flat plates.

  5. Fuel tank must remain in stock location or be mounted in the bed.

Chassis and suspension

  1. Complete OEM chassis required with factory wheelbase retained.

  2. Engine to remain in factory mounting position

  3. Factory suspension front and rear must be retained.

  4. No suspension blocks permitted

  5. No functioning airbags permitted. Due to the nature of the class, airbags will be allowed on the truck but must have lines disconnected at the air bags.

  6. Factory type receiver hitches will be used. Hitch must bolt on. No part of the hitch will proceed forward of the rear spring hanger unless it was commercially produced and bolts into factory bolt holes. No pro stock, T style or lever type hitches permitted.

  7. Hitch height to be a maximum of 20”. Hook point must have an opening of 3x3 3/4”. Hook point to be the most rearward part of the truck.

  8. All added ballast will be in the bed.

  9. Maximum weight for the class will be one of two ways. 1) With added ballast, 8000# maximum. 2) with no added ballast, you will pull at whatever weight you cross the scales at. This is to allow a variety of trucks to fit the class and come off the street to pull. It is understood that newer trucks and work trucks are substantially heavier than older trucks or trucks strictly for pulling.

  10. Traction bars allowed. They are to have a maximum of two points of contact to the frame and axle housing per side. Bars must bolt on. Frame and axle mounts may be welded.



1. Factory driveline must be retained. No aftermarket transmissions, transfer cases and the like.

Engine and Turbo

1. Engine must be factory engine for the year, make and model of truck.

2. Tuners, programmers and the like are allowed.

3. Turbo must remain OEM factory unmodified for the year make and model of truck it is on. This means no machining, wheel changes etc. No replacements, interchanging etc. This will keep things as they are intended to be. If you want to swap turbos around and do more, it’s time to move up a class

4. All turbos subject to tech inspectors discretion. If tech inspector sees fit, you will need to pull the intake to let them see. Bring tools and plan accordingly. They will not be supplied.

5. Air to air intercoolers only unless factory equipped.

6. After market exhaust and bed stacks allowed. No hood stacks. If truck smokes a lot, it’s preferred that the exhaust be directed upwards.



  1. All added ballast must be secured.

  2. Kill switches recommended and encouraged but not mandatory.

  3. U joint shields recommended and encouraged but not mandatory. Trucks pulling multiple times per year should have at least a rear u joint shield on the u joint at the rear axle.

  4. No passengers

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